Food. That is definitely what my team loves. We all love to eat. Period.

Here, we went to Buddy’s for their famous pansit lucban, lumpiang ubod , puto and budin (their cassava cake). It was my first time to eat there so I really didn’t know what to expect. But i wasn’t disappointed. The food is great, as in superb. I specially love budin. It really taste so good that I even bought 2 more at home.


Whenever we go out to eat, we make it a point to have fun. And the picture on the side proves it. hahaha…:) I hope May won’t kill me for posting this pic here…(i’m sorry May :))

I so love this group! We can have fun even if we only have each other…huhuhu…:(

okay! I’m starting to be sentimental now, I better stop or I regret it hahaha…:)

More eating moments for us! 🙂