It had been a tough and depressing morning for me. Sherwyn and I had an early morning fight. And who else would caused it but me!

My mood started to get sour when I wasn’t able to get out of the house the usual time I go and thoughts of me being late cluttered my mind. So when I saw him, I’m already not feeling alright. He tried to make me feel good but since bad mood had strucked me, I know it will take few hours to be back in my system again. He can’t understand this so the most depressing morning of my life started.

We are seating next to each other but he is not talking to me. He didn’t even bother to check if I am still walking beside him or not. He didn’t care if I slip or got beaten by people passing by. I know that he will not talk to me if I don’t make the first move. So, I started by saying sorry. He looked at me and he began his sermon. That is so frustrating! But I got to understand it (as I often do) and promised him again never to do it.

And to make the long story short, he forgives me and started writing a “treaty” in a piece of paper. He said that I needed to sign the treaty he made so I he can be assured that I won’t do that stupid thing anymore. So there, I’ve signed it and should really make the effort to improve on my attitude. 🙂

There’s just a few words written in the “treaty”. This is how I exactly remembered it:

October 15, 2008

Starting today, hindi na ako gagawa ng walang kuwentang pagmu-moody na maaaring makasira sa araw at relasyon namin ng love ko.


Andrea Ang