November 2008


 I’m super excited to watch Twilight later! 🙂

We’re scheduled to watch it tonighht at Shang-rila Cineplex at 7:15 in the evening. We’ve already reserved tickets last Friday and we’ve started counting the days since then. And now, the day has come! I feel like I’m close to hallucinating because of this! I’m really are trying to hide my excitement for the movie but I cannot conceal this feeling anymore.

 I’m now dying to watch T-W-I-L-I-G-H-T!!!

 Can’t wait til this evening! 🙂

 For the meantime, I’ll be contented with the pictures I have in file:


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It’s been a long weekend! We’ve been so busy preparing for our long awaited team building in 8 Waves Waterpark Resort that we didn’t realized the week flew so swiftly.


Our team decided to wear masks for our costume. So we are like attending a masquerade ball of our own ha-ha! And the pictures are so adorable! You must see it! 🙂 BTW, the pictures are provided by Karla’s boyfriend, our team’s official photographer. Thanks Pao!


preparation-time Preparation time
After eating dinner and waiting for the program to start
With the one of the Greek Goddess 🙂
Photo Op with the bosses
Our masks against their masks ha-ha!
Team pic w/o Maymay. Sorry May! 🙂
The team’s wacky pic with Jenna
We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have picture together of course!
In the wave pool
Fighting the falls in the Safari Pool
Stealin’ the moment ha-ha!
Enjoying the slide ha-ha! 🙂
C’mon! Laugh your heart out! 🙂 
WOW! Whenever I see these pictures, i just can’t help but feel proud! ha-ha!
‘Till next blog! 🙂

It had been a very tiring weekend for me but I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it. Here’s what I have done these past days:


Friday, Nov. 7

  • My team and I are busy thinking and discussing about our costume for the team building. We had agreed to wear mask. Luckily, with the help of internet and Karla, we’re able to find ready to wear masquerade masks for a low price. Isn’t that great? So what we did after work is to proceed to the mask store in Taft. We’ve found what we need so we went home smiling and happy for the accomplishment. But, oh my, I am so hungry.


Saturday, Nov. 8

  • Love and I went to Market to watch a movie. We’ve watched Quantum of Solace but we’re not satisfied with it. Call us critics or whatever but the film is really boring. We have expected so much from the stunts and effects but it’s all bitin. The story is worst. Well, good thing is we’ve enjoyed each other’s company that we’ve had a smooth sailing day. No moodiness at all! Thank God! This day is also the pre-celebration of our anniversary. We went home happy and so in love! Yippee!


Sunday, Nov. 9

  • A very special day for us! It’s our anniversary! Good news is we’re able to spend this day together. My mom prepared foods for that day (I just don’t know if she did that because of our anniversary, but I’m glad she did prepare something). After eating, we started to discuss my costume for my team building. Everyone suggested so I was able to come up with the brightest idea ha-ha! If I may say I’m actually aiming for the prize ha-ha…as if that would happen! Talk about day dreaming! Ha-ha!

“The failure is mine, not yours.”
These are the words that came from Sen. John McCain. Words that will forever linger in my mind. This is the most touching and inspiring speech that I have ever heard in my entire life. I never thought that I will be this affected by a simple speech and until now I can’t get over with it.


I am not a supporter of either of the two. But hearing their speeches and listening beyond the spoken words, I feel for Sen. McCain. Well, maybe because his speech is more emotional due to the fact that he lost the battle but what I can feel is his sincerity. He had retained his composure even when it’s clear to see that he is on the verge of tears. He is really a good speaker and a true gentleman.


Thanks McCain for the inspiration.


I don’t know how I would describe this day. It’s a typical day but there’s something missing. Yeah, I know, my cubicle and chat mate Karissa is absent because she is sick but that’s not my point. I seem to be present physically but my mind is floating somewhere. I have no idea where, don’t ask me. I’ve just noticed that I’ve really been a very bad company lately. I don’t know what the matter with me is. I feel confused and used (ha-ha, as if). I don’t know if this has anything to do about my upcoming anniversary or my obsession with Twilight ha-ha…


I wanted to be happy. And I’m getting frustrated about it. I’ve already listened to my fave music for the moment, Womanizer by Britney Spears, for like a hundred times now but there’s still no change in my mood. I wanted to get out of here. I wanted to be free. I wanted to be as happy as my usual self.


It’s November! And this month really means a lot to me. Christmas is within reach, my nephew’s birthday and of course, our ANNIVERSARY!


     It’s exactly 5 days from now before our anniversary and until now, I haven’t found the gift that I will give him and it’s giving me headaches. GRRR! All I wanted is to give him something different, something he would love. But I can’t think of any. The truth is he doesn’t want me to give him any gifts but I always insist to give him something. Cause for me that is something that both of you will remember when reminiscing about the past. And that will be part of the history, right? I didn’t even want him to notice that I’m preparing something for him. That would die down all the drama. So I’m stuck with my left resources – my computer, internet, creativity, and love – hope these things will be able to help me.


     I’m already done making the crossword puzzle about us. I’ve found this very useful tool in the net that allows you to have your own puzzle in 15 minutes. I’m planning to print that puzzle and let him answer it. Ha-ha…I know that he will enjoy from this!

 Aside from that, I don’t have anything else to give him. Good thing is I still have time to think. I should be able to have a decision by tomorrow (or else I’ll kill myself, ha-ha, just joking.)