It’s November! And this month really means a lot to me. Christmas is within reach, my nephew’s birthday and of course, our ANNIVERSARY!


     It’s exactly 5 days from now before our anniversary and until now, I haven’t found the gift that I will give him and it’s giving me headaches. GRRR! All I wanted is to give him something different, something he would love. But I can’t think of any. The truth is he doesn’t want me to give him any gifts but I always insist to give him something. Cause for me that is something that both of you will remember when reminiscing about the past. And that will be part of the history, right? I didn’t even want him to notice that I’m preparing something for him. That would die down all the drama. So I’m stuck with my left resources – my computer, internet, creativity, and love – hope these things will be able to help me.


     I’m already done making the crossword puzzle about us. I’ve found this very useful tool in the net that allows you to have your own puzzle in 15 minutes. I’m planning to print that puzzle and let him answer it. Ha-ha…I know that he will enjoy from this!

 Aside from that, I don’t have anything else to give him. Good thing is I still have time to think. I should be able to have a decision by tomorrow (or else I’ll kill myself, ha-ha, just joking.)