It’s V Day once again! And bangenge na naman ako sa kakahanap ng something for my love. Actually, I’m not into material thing this year. I just want to give him a memorable and enjoyable day. I know he really deserves one after all that had happened this past few weeks. Ok, ok, I don’t want to elaborate on things na. It’s supposed to be a happy post not a sad one, right?

With the help of Internet, nakakuha ako ng mga ideas for homemade Valentine gifts and ways on how to celebrate it. And I’d like to share some of those to you:

(Thanks to for the ideas)


1. Red Bowl Candle
 – simply place the votive candle holder inside the glass globe and surround with red decorative glass pebbles. When you light the candle, you’ll find the candlelight is defused by the colored glass, casting a lovely warm reddish glow for Valentine’s Day.

2. Coupon Day
 – each of you can create individual notes to descibe a special surprise – foot spa, a bubble bath, kisses and hugs, a special meal – fold up the notes and toss them in a jar. You then can take turns having fun plucking a coupon from the jar anddoing what it says.

3. Poetry from the heart
 – all you have to do is write him or her a poem. (The only problem I have here is that I’m not that fond anymore to write poems. Well, it’s our lucky day because I’ve found this  poem generator online, isn’t that great? hahaha…I’ve already made mine and it’s great. Can’t wait to see him read it. Hope he likes it! Here’s the poem I’ve made for him. Please don’t imitate this. Make your own. It’s so easy.)


Ode of Love by Andrea

Your skin glows like the apple, blossoms beautifully as the rose in the purest hope of spring.

My heart follows your sweet voice and leaps like a bird at the whisper of your name, Sherwyn.

The evening floats in on a great eagle wing.

I am comforted by your sweater that I carry into the twilight of moonbeams and hold next to my hands.

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of water.

As my head falls from my shoulders, it reminds me of your face.

In the quiet, I listen for the last musical of the day.

My heated arms leaps to my shirt. I wait in the moonlight for your secret confession so that we may love as one, arms to arms, in search of the magnificient green and mystical power of love.


What do you guys think? Magustuhan kaya nya? Dapat naman noh? Hirap din mahanap yan noh? Hahaha… 🙂


BTW, here’s the link for the poem generator:


Kahit ano pang maisipan nyong gawin this Valentine’s Day, at the end of the day, ang mahalaga pa din ay nagmahal kayo ng totoo at kapiling nyo ang mahal nyo sa bawat sandali na ipagkakaloob sa inyo. Happy Valentine’s Day! Be happy! 🙂