March 2009

david cook“The efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn,” says David Cook in his My Space Celebrity blog.

He said that while he enjoys being accessible to fans, he still have the benefit of the little privacy he can have. He also said that the relationship only works when it remains healthy for both parties and should all the haggling and invading continues, the only thing he can do is to take more preventative measures to maintain his privacy, which in turn will make him less accessible to his fans.

David Cook concludes: “I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh. I merely want to nip this in the bud so we can continue to have a great experience with all of you at the shows we have coming up.”

In a phone interview on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show, David explained that he wasn’t trying to come off as unappreciative; rather, he was genuinely concerned for his safety and privacy.

“We try to do more than just go onstage and play the shows, and there were some things going on that just really threatened the sanctity of that for me,” David said.

There. The issue had been cleared. Let’s respect his request. Give him the space he needs. He still deserves it. Go David Cook!


Source: and Ryan


Saturday. Around 10 in the morning. I’ve told my family that we will cooperate and turn off our lights for an hour for the Earth Hour. No violent reaction. Buti naman noh? 🙂

Just about noon. My pamangkins are excited for the Earth Hour. While my youngest pamangkin is crying and saying, “Akot ako. May mumu mamaya.” Thanks to his brother for scaring the hell out of him. Ayun, may konti ng violent reaction, si mother, bumabanat na. Hehehe… 🙂

7 in the evening. We are all aligaga preparing foods para naman makakain na before the lights would be off. Etong si mother, nag-uumpisa na. Bakit daw kasi kailangan pang patayin ang ilaw, ang dami daw arte, di naman daw kami yayaman dito, etc, etc. Hay naku! Pumasok na naman tuloy ako sa sarili kong mundo para wala akong marinig Hehehe… 🙂

8:00 pm. We were all done eating except for mother. Aba! Nagtitigas-tigasan pa ng ulo at ayaw sumunod sa napag-kasunduan! Kaya super remind naman ako, “Ma, kain ka na kasi malapit na natin patayin yung mga ilaw para sa Earth hour remember?” No reaction lang sya.

8:10. “Ma? Kain ka na. Gabi na.” <kruu, kruu>

8:15. “Ma?” <kruu, kruu pa din>

8:20. “Ma, di ka pa ba kakain? Malapit na natin patayin yung ilaw.” (may konting yamot na sa boses ko nito ha? Hehehe…) Tayo lang si mother at dumiretso sa lamesa to eat. Asus! Kakain din pala e! Nagpapilit pa. Hahaha… 🙂

By 8:30. We turned off all our lights and silently stared at each other. I wish na tahimik noh? Pero hindi. Kahit na super dilim na, grabe pa din ang gulo ng mga pamangkin ko. Parang New Year kung makapag-ingay sila. OMG! Akala ko pa naman I can take a nap without them knowing Hahaha… 🙂


He may have the looks and all the charm but it is confirmed that RPattz stinks!


OMG! I am not totally into him but I almost feel like dying whenever I see his eyes. They are very expressive and full of emotion. He also seems to be a humble lad from what I had been reading about his past interviews. He’s perfect, oh well, almost perfect.

According to an article in, E! News is citing an unidentified source “who works very closely” with the actor on the Vancouver set of “New Moon” as saying that RPattz is stinking up the production.

It is said that he never showers, and that drives people on the set crazy. Eeewww! C’mon Rob, it wouldn’t hurt you if you take a shower. It’s just water. And also be considerate with the people around you, they might die of suffocation due to your smell if you don’t take a bath ASAP. Peace!  🙂

To read the whole story, visit the link:


Robert Pattinson Stinks!

Here’s the result for American Idol Season 8 – March 26, 2009:


Matt Giraud is in the BOTTOM 3!matt

Michael Sarver is in the BOTTOM 3!michael

Scott Macintyre is in the BOTTOM 3!scott


After Stevie Wonder’s amazing performance, the results were announced:

Scott MacIintyre is SAFE!

Matt Giraud is SAFE!

Goodbye Michael Sarver!

He seems tobe at ease with the decision. He even joked “I have to sing after Stevie, crap!”. Good sport man! 🙂


I’m not feeling well today. My wisdom tooth is attacking me again. Grabe! Sobra ang sakit nya ha? Di na ma-carry ng power ko ang ginagawa nyang pagpapahirap sa akin. Huhuhu… 😦

Kaya eto, silent movie ang drama ko ngayon. Nahihirapan kasi akong mag-salita e. I’m using my hands and my nguso to point out things. Hahaha… Di sya magnadang tignan ha? Ang sagwa kaya.  🙂

Pati sa pagkain, hirap na hirap ako! Di ko sya manguya ng maayos kaya swallow na lang ako ng swallow. Di naman maganda yun kasi baka naman di ako matunawan, panibago na naming problema yun. Kaya eto, noodles lang tuloy ang lunch ko mamaya. OO, alam kong makakatulong ito sa pagbabawas ko ng timbang pero ayoko naman na sa ganitong paraan. Masakit e. I’m not enjoying it.

Sana lang tumigil na sa pagsakit itong wisdom tooth ko noh? Para naman hindi na ganito ang maging drama ko. Kagabi nga, habang tumitindi yung kirot nya, gusto ko ng umiyak at hindi ko namamalayan na this thought is already lingering on my mind:



Please naman wisdom tooth, lumabas ka na kung lalabas ka. Wag ka ng nagpapasakit at baka mabwisit mo ako ibigay kita kay tooth fairy, magkaka-pera pa ako! Hahaha… 🙂



Earth Hour

This is what everyone keeps on talking about nowadays. Thanks to my ever reliable friend, Wikipedia, for the info about Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. It was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, and achieved worldwide participation in 2008.

Earth Hour will next take place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, local time.



Frankly, I never took this seriously at first but then after realizing that this is done for a good cause, I told myself to do something to promote about it.

Where do I start? Aha! Of course, at home. This would be the biggest challenge I would have. It would take a lot of my convincing powers for my family to cooperate. They don’t like the idea turning the lights off for an hour just to be part of it. Actually, I think that they wouldn’t really like to participate to it all. So, what I’m planning to do is promise them one thing, F-O-O-D, they couldn’t resist in exchange for their participation. Hope I win this battle! Hahaha… 🙂

C’mon guys! Do your part. Participate and be proud of the accomplishment.

It’s a new look for Adam Lambert. He sings Tracks of my Tears on American Idol 8.

I was surprised to see his new look. I don’t know if I would be impressed or not with his looks but it’s just really unexpected.

Here’s his new look: 


Amidst his new look, his performance is flawless as usual. I really hope he wins. He’d been doing great so far and I hope he continues to be the total performer that he is.

Let’s vote for Adam Lambert! 🙂

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