Hindi naman ako fan. Ni wala nga akong kabisado na kanta nya e. I haven’t been following his career and little do I know about his family. But when I’ve heard that he’s dead, I couldn’t help but feel sad.

 I try not to watch any TV shows that would cover his funeral or pay tribute to him because whenever I do, I can’t help but be sad and often times be on the verge of crying. Ewan ko bas a sarili ko. I just can’t help feeling this way.

 Kanina habang nasa bus kami, bigla na naman nilang binanggit si Francis M. They said that he was cremated at round 2 AM and a mass will be offered for him at around 9 AM. They showed footages of the arrival of his body at Funeraria Paz for the cremation. Yun nay un. Hindi ko na talaga napigilan ang umiyak. I tried to hide it by pretending that I feel sleepy. But then, Sherwyn strikes again with his kakulitan, and keeps on asking me if I was crying. What am I to answer db? I leaned my head to his shoulders and silently cry and pray for Francis.

 Goodbye Francis. You’ll be a legend that we Filipinos will forever be proud of.