He may have the looks and all the charm but it is confirmed that RPattz stinks!


OMG! I am not totally into him but I almost feel like dying whenever I see his eyes. They are very expressive and full of emotion. He also seems to be a humble lad from what I had been reading about his past interviews. He’s perfect, oh well, almost perfect.

According to an article in MTV.com, E! News is citing an unidentified source “who works very closely” with the actor on the Vancouver set of “New Moon” as saying that RPattz is stinking up the production.

It is said that he never showers, and that drives people on the set crazy. Eeewww! C’mon Rob, it wouldn’t hurt you if you take a shower. It’s just water. And also be considerate with the people around you, they might die of suffocation due to your smell if you don’t take a bath ASAP. Peace!  🙂

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Robert Pattinson Stinks!