God really makes a way. 

I have this friend way back in high school. She’s the friend that I used to talk to about anything, be it family problems or my personal glitches. We share the same kind of passion and we know that our friendship will be there always.

But then we went on to different colleges and lived our life differently since then. It’s very seldom that we exchanged text messages and phone calls. Though we don’t see each other anymore, we know that we’re still friends at heart.

Our life still continues to evolve when we reach our “maturity stage.” We still communicate though thru simple text messages like “Uy, musta?” or “Good morning.” We are still keeping the bond until that day. The day I dreaded the friendship will end.

I’ve changed my digits for a number of reasons. I know it’s my fault that I haven’t informed all my friends yet, including her. But what am I to do. I’m being haunted by the past and all I wanted to do is to escape. She got mad at me for not informing my new number even thinking that I’m not considering her as a friend. She even told me that if this is how I wanted it to be then let be it. It seems that I had already forgotten her so she will forget me as well. I apologized for a number of times but then got no respond from her. I ask for forgiveness again and again until I got tired. That’s how our story ends.

Last Black Saturday, I texted her again the same old, “Uy, musta?” and I was actually surprised that she responded. We decided to go to the wake of our friend’s dad. When I saw her, I didn’t know how to act. But before I knew it, my old self when I’m with her came to life. It seems like there had been no problem between us. We were laughing so hard talking about everything just like the old times. This had been the closest we got after our high school days. And I’m so glad that I’ve found my friend again.