Rat Pack?

Good choice!

Jamie Foxx?

I dunno what comes into their minds, really!


There were only 5 of them remaining so it would really be a tough week. Their song choices are quite good and it seems like they had tried to show that they got the talent America is looking for.

kris allen


Kris Allen started getting the party started by singing The Way You Look Tonight and he was able to sing it well. Actually, this was the first time that I had appreciated his good singing voice. Love it!


allison iraheta


Second comes, Allison Iraheta with Someone to Watch over Me. It’s okay. It’s her usual big voice. The girl can really sing, I tell you. By the way, happy birthday girl!



matt giraud


Next is Matt Giraud singing My Funny Valentine. It could have been a great performance if not for the falsetto. Does anybody even bother to tell him that he shouldn’t do that because it is SO distracting? Have pity on the man. Go tell him before he loses his chance (or is it too late?)


danny gokey


Come Rain or Come Shine is the best song choice for Danny Gokey. He has a good singing, husky voice but I’m getting tired of it. I want something new.



adam lambert


And lastly, my ever, favorite, Adam Lambert! Hahaha! I guess you already know that all that I’m gonna say about his performance is great right? He sang Feeling Good and I do feel good after hearing him sing! He’s super talented! Love the suit his wearing! I just feel kinda awkward with his shorter hair. But overall, the performance is just great! Very good! Love you Adam!


Overall, the Top 5 performance is fantastic! I so, so love it! 🙂

So, who do you think will go home tomorrow?

I’m choosing between Allison and Matt.

As long as Adam is safe, I’m cool! 🙂