May 2009

Bye Danny Gokey!



So now it’s down to 2.

Kris and Adam compete for the title.

Wow! Isn’t that great?

Well, this finale seems like similar with the finals last season with David Cook and David Archuleta right? Both have different genre of music and style. And both are good looking. Hahaha! J

Who’s your bet?Who do you think will be the next American Idol?










Go Adam! 🙂

We love you!


Tonight there will be one song from the judges and one other chosen by the contestant.

Will their choices be good enough to save them till the end or it would be their end?

Let’s all find out.

It is the 300th episode, and Ryan calls the boys ‘The Three Amigos.’ Yikes. That is something. Hahaha…

Let’s start with the Judge’s choice.

Danny Gokey goes first. He sang Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent D’Arby. Good up-tempo song but it’s a bit karaoke. Just the right voice but more of like a copycat.

It’s Apologize of OneRepublic for Kris Allen. It was a nice performance with him on the piano again. Like it!

Adam Lambert sang the song One by U2. Even got cleared by Bono with a call to Simon. Very well done! Started slow and pretty, built, and brought it back down. As usual, there was an overwhelming response from the audience and judges. Yippee!

Before starting with the second round of singing, there is a segment on the now-defunct Idol Gives Back, with Carrie Underwood on the spot making a trip to Africa. She looks very beautiful. Love yah!

Now, back to regular programming.

Danny Gokey sings You are so Beautiful by Joe Cocker. He has a tough time with breath control. Try to control that. Personally, I didn’t like the arrangement. It’s a bit mixed up.

Just Kris and his guitar. This is really good and a brilliant move. It’s the first time that I’ve heard of that song and I am mesmerized. Go Kris!

Cryin’ by Aerosmith is the right song choice for Adam. Starts off well, but the background vocals need to tone down. Adam is on point, and amazing again. I think he out-sang the amazing Steven Tyler. Love it!

Overall, their performance was all stunning. It will really be hard to tell who will go home tonight. Good luck guys!

How about you? Who do you think will be safe and be in the Top 2?

Is it…



I hope Adam will be in the Top 2. *cross finger*

Even though, David Cook seems a bit snub, I still like him. Maybe he has reasons for acting that way when he arrived yesterday in Manila. And one reason I can think of and is very much valid is the death of his brother just last week. Give the guy the chance to grieve. It isn’t that easy to accept that you have lost a brother.

As for the meet and greet with him (I really am hoping that he would even smile), he’ll be in SM North Edsa on May 14, 2009, that is tomorrow at 4 pm.

For all those who want to see David Cook tomorrow is your chance.

See you there!


Yes! It’s true! They are finally here!


David Cook arrived at around 1 pm coming from US while David Archuleta followed at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon from UK.

They’ll be staying at Edsa Shangri-la. I’m just near there, maybe I can get a glimpse of them if I stayed there overnight right? Hahaha! 🙂

I’ve been denying and ignoring the fact that the David’s are already here but I can’t fight this anymore. The main reason why I’m paying no attention to their presence here is because I don’t want to get to excited and I’m really trying to fight my feelings to watch their concert. Ever since the month of May had started, I’ve already accepted the fact that I will have to let pass the opportunity to watch them live in a concert. Why? Because the ticket prices are way too expensive and sadly, I can’t afford it. Poor little me. It really sucks to be this poor. Huhuhu… 😦

But their arrival here in Manila makes me realize things. One, I’ve always wanted to see them perform here and now the time has come. Two, they had been part of my life. Their season in American Idol is the first I’ve really supported and watched until the end. I used to cheer for these 2 guys during American Idol 7. And I simply can’t let this passed me by.

So, no matter what happens, even if I lose all my wealth hahaha, I’ll be watching their concert this Saturday.

I’m having doubt about the results tonight.

I don’t want to be surprised again so I started thinking of the worst thing that can happen.

And that is Adam being eliminated.

Yes! As much as I don’t want to have that thought. Because nothing is impossible. Remember last week, he’s in the Bottom 3, even if he really doesn’t deserve to be in that spot. So, just for me to calm down a bit, I’ll think of the worst thing to come.


The Top 4 took the stage with Slash and his band, with ‘Schools Out.’ Wow, they sang live! Next comes Paula’s much-awaited performance. Then there’s No Doubt singing I’m Justa Girl.

And the moment we’ve been waiting for. There they are. Standing in the stage. Allison, Danny, Adam, and Kris. The first one in the Top 3 is Kris.

Chris Daughtry’s performance is a blast! Congrats!

Next person in the Top 3. Adam Lambert. Yehey!

So it’s down to Danny and Allison.

And Danny is safe. What the?!

It’s the end of the line for Allison. Bye girl! The hair is bad luck to you. Change it. You are still young. There’s a lot more time for you.


Grabe! Until now, pagod na pagod pa din ako sa Bolinao trip namin ng mga friendship ko. We went there last May 1 (o db? yun lang kasi ang long weekend namin e! hahaha!).

Here’s some of our pics:


img_0755Jump shot sa Alaminos, overlooking Hundred Islands


img_0757Bo-li-nao Awww!


img_0760We sneek to have a picture in Bing’s Resort hihihi!


img_0785So relaxing…


img_0844Wacky picture of the team! At nandaya na naman ako noh? ahahaha! 🙂


img_0851Presenting…Mga Feeling Beauty Queens! hahaha! 🙂


img_0853Eto pa. Humirit pa sila ng isa!


img_0861Ganda talaga ng place na ito!


img_0913Ginoong Pilipinas naman! Peace love! 🙂


img_0917Para fair, Bb. Pilipinas naman! Hahaha! As if!


img_0949Tagal namin hinintay ito ha? Buti na lang, it’s worth the wait!




img_0955Enchanted Cave daw! There’s nothing enchanting dito noh?


Sa susunod na lang ako magkkwento ng mga adventures namin dun. I don’t know kasi where to start my story. Basta, isa lang masasabi ko. The best vacation ever! Kahit na pagod at ngarag kami, we had so much fun. As in.  Looking forward to more vacations!



dsc_08981 O walang magre-react. Wholesome yan! hahaha! 🙂

(kinikilig na naman daw ako! hahaha!)

It’s Rock Week on American Idol!

Guess who the mentor is?

It’s Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash! Great pick this time!

Then there was chaos during the dress rehearsal, from the stage manager rushed to the hospital. And the stage was falling apart.

Ok…let’s go to the remaining contestants.



Adam Lambert (my fave) sang Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Adam is again killing the song. Super incredible really! The judges loved it, Kara calls him a ‘Rock God’ and Simon doubts anyone can top it.





Allison Iraheta’s song choice did not favor her this time. She chooses a song by Janis Joplin, Cry Baby. The judges didn’t like it. I didn’t like it either. Next.



danny-krisDanny Gokey & Kris Allen. The first duet of the night. And it’s not great. They sang Renegade by Styx. Don’t get me started on where this two missed in the song ok? I’d rather be mum than be cruel.




Next is Kris Allen. He sang Come Together by The Beatles. I love this song. Whenever I hear this, I remember Carly Smithson. She sang this song really well so it’s really a disappointment when I hear Kris’ version.




Dream on Danny Gokey! This isn’t your night. The scream was way off what rock is all about. You should have tried better. It’s really bugging me why’d you have to do that.



allison-adamThe duet of the night. Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta really rock the crowd with their version of Slow Ride by Foghat. It was exceptional and amazing. Couldn’t ask for more!


As usual, my favorite for the night would be Adam Lambert. He really is consistent with his performances. I have a feeling that Danny will be on the danger zone tomorrow night, unless…hmmm.


Vote for Adam.

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