Yehey! Manny Pacquaio did it again! Filipinos are once again very proud and joyful for the win of  the boxing champ, PacMan.


Manny Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton in the 2nd round to grab the IBO light welterweight title

Pacquaio vs. Hatton

Manny Pacquiao proved to us once again of being the best pound-for-pound boxer with a spectacular performance that ended with Ricky Hatton sprawled out on the ring after a devastating left hand to the head late in the second round.

It was overwhelming when Pacquiao knocked Hatton down two times in the first round before finally stopping him with a vicious left hand that dropped Hatton for good in the 140-pound title bout.

Referee Kenny Bayless took one look at Hatton and declared the fight over at 2:59 of the round.

“I’m surprised the fight was so easy,” Pacquiao said

Pacquiao was a 2-1 favorite, but few thought Hatton would go easily. His only loss came when he was stopped in the 10th round by Floyd Mayweather Jr., and he built a career and a reputation as a tough and aggressive fighter who wore his opponents down.

But he stood no chance against Pacquiao, whose punches came straight down the middle and landed with increasing frequency as the fight went on.

“I was just doing my job,” said Pacquiao, who is a national hero in the Philippines and is fast becoming a hero among boxing fans. “I always try to do my best in the ring.”

Pacquiao’s best on this night quickly quieted a boisterous crowd of 16,262 at the MGM Grand arena, many of them who came over from England to sing and chant Hatton’s praises. They didn’t even get a chance to warm up, though, before Hatton was on the canvas for the first time of the night.

Hatton finally rose from the canvas after several minutes as doctors tended to him and Pacquiao’s corner celebrated. He walked from the ring with a wry grin on his face, while his fans serenaded him with one last verse of “Winter Wonderland.”

Pacquiao weighed 138 pounds for the fight to 140 for Hatton, and was fighting a bigger man for the second time in a row. But nothing seems to bother the boxer who is so popular at home that there is talk of him running for president some day.

Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 knockouts) earned $12 million for the fight, while Hatton (45-2) was paid $8 million.


News Courtesy by TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer


Thank you so much Manny for the honor you are bringing our country. We are proud to be Pinoy. We are truly proud of you.