Yes! It’s true! They are finally here!


David Cook arrived at around 1 pm coming from US while David Archuleta followed at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon from UK.

They’ll be staying at Edsa Shangri-la. I’m just near there, maybe I can get a glimpse of them if I stayed there overnight right? Hahaha! 🙂

I’ve been denying and ignoring the fact that the David’s are already here but I can’t fight this anymore. The main reason why I’m paying no attention to their presence here is because I don’t want to get to excited and I’m really trying to fight my feelings to watch their concert. Ever since the month of May had started, I’ve already accepted the fact that I will have to let pass the opportunity to watch them live in a concert. Why? Because the ticket prices are way too expensive and sadly, I can’t afford it. Poor little me. It really sucks to be this poor. Huhuhu… 😦

But their arrival here in Manila makes me realize things. One, I’ve always wanted to see them perform here and now the time has come. Two, they had been part of my life. Their season in American Idol is the first I’ve really supported and watched until the end. I used to cheer for these 2 guys during American Idol 7. And I simply can’t let this passed me by.

So, no matter what happens, even if I lose all my wealth hahaha, I’ll be watching their concert this Saturday.