Tonight there will be one song from the judges and one other chosen by the contestant.

Will their choices be good enough to save them till the end or it would be their end?

Let’s all find out.

It is the 300th episode, and Ryan calls the boys ‘The Three Amigos.’ Yikes. That is something. Hahaha…

Let’s start with the Judge’s choice.

Danny Gokey goes first. He sang Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent D’Arby. Good up-tempo song but it’s a bit karaoke. Just the right voice but more of like a copycat.

It’s Apologize of OneRepublic for Kris Allen. It was a nice performance with him on the piano again. Like it!

Adam Lambert sang the song One by U2. Even got cleared by Bono with a call to Simon. Very well done! Started slow and pretty, built, and brought it back down. As usual, there was an overwhelming response from the audience and judges. Yippee!

Before starting with the second round of singing, there is a segment on the now-defunct Idol Gives Back, with Carrie Underwood on the spot making a trip to Africa. She looks very beautiful. Love yah!

Now, back to regular programming.

Danny Gokey sings You are so Beautiful by Joe Cocker. He has a tough time with breath control. Try to control that. Personally, I didn’t like the arrangement. It’s a bit mixed up.

Just Kris and his guitar. This is really good and a brilliant move. It’s the first time that I’ve heard of that song and I am mesmerized. Go Kris!

Cryin’ by Aerosmith is the right song choice for Adam. Starts off well, but the background vocals need to tone down. Adam is on point, and amazing again. I think he out-sang the amazing Steven Tyler. Love it!

Overall, their performance was all stunning. It will really be hard to tell who will go home tonight. Good luck guys!

How about you? Who do you think will be safe and be in the Top 2?

Is it…



I hope Adam will be in the Top 2. *cross finger*