I really hate when a guy says something after a break up. Apart from not being gentleman to leave the topic to the girl to talk about, it’s also being coward and insensitive. Only proves that he really don’t deserve her.

joe jonas

Joe Jonas seems to be in vengeance mood now.

Remember Forever and Always by Taylor Swift? It’s the song that Taylor allegedly written for Joe Jonas. Well, surprisingly, Joe Jonas has a song for Taylor too. The title of the song is Much Better and is included in their album. And the lyrics go something like this:


I get a rep for breakin’ hearts
Now I’m done with superstars
And all the tears on her guitar
I’m not bitter

But now I see
Everything I’d ever need
Is the girl in front of me
She’s much better


That is so rude! So not the kind of man to be with!

Good decision Taylor!

Taylor swift