July 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my best friend, soul mate and one true love’s birthday.

 I’ve actually created this poem 7 years ago and is intended for our 1st anniversary. I know he hasn’t read this poem for so long and maybe, he had already forgotten about it. So, just to bring his memories back, here it is, entitled SHERWYN.


 It’s his SWEETNESS that turns my world upside down

His HANDSOME face that sometimes seems a clown

 His ENTHUSIASTIC way of dealing with the people around him

 A RARE opportunity of making people love him

 His WILD way of thinking about what life may bring

 With a YOUNG heart but a strong mind to cling

 I NEED you more than anything else in this world

 I Love You and saying this bold.





Can someone please help me?

I’m really having a hard time now. I don’t know what I am going to give him for his special day. And I only have until tonight to decide.


Every time he celebrates his birthday, I always make it a point to give him something that I know he won’t be able to see anywhere else. I want it to be creative and unique but I already ran out of wonderful ideas. I can’t think of something good!

Right now, the only thing I have in mind is to have a romantic dinner at home with home cooked meal. And I would personally cook it for him (which is something new because I don’t really cook). That’s all. I haven’t thought of the present I’m going to give him. And it’s killing me.

Please help me. Before it’s too late.


I’ve been away for some time now mainly because of the demand of my work but then I need to take a break and breathe.

I feel so exhausted. And my head is aching terribly.

My cubicle mate is not here now because she’s sick. Yeah! Sick and tired as well! Hahaha… 🙂

When can I find happiness again in what I’m doing?

I hope it’s soon before I really get tired and be bored.

Gotta go back now.

Till next blog! 🙂