I feel like a princess!
I feel like a princess!

To tell you honestly, I am a very shy person. I have a hard time communicating to people i’ve just met. But when i get used to the person, you can say that I am the kind of girl that you would love to be with whenever you’re lonely. I can crack up jokes, tell you funny stories and make you laugh your heart out. 🙂

I can be very sweet as a friend. Everything that I can give as a friend, I’d be willing to give it. But please! Don’t tell me I am an angel because I am not. I also have few naughty things that I love to do. (And I will not tell you those things! hahaha…:)


3 Responses to “Andie’s World”

  1. chuvaness Says:

    hello shyne…we’re neighbors pala…baka nga nagkasakay na tayo sa jeep hehehhee

    see yah!mabuhay ang mgataga valenzuelaaaaaaaaa heheheheh

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  3. shanshyne9 Says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate that you find my blog interesting. Keep on reading and I’ll try to make it even more informative for your convenience. 🙂

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