David Cook

Even though, David Cook seems a bit snub, I still like him. Maybe he has reasons for acting that way when he arrived yesterday in Manila. And one reason I can think of and is very much valid is the death of his brother just last week. Give the guy the chance to grieve. It isn’t that easy to accept that you have lost a brother.

As for the meet and greet with him (I really am hoping that he would even smile), he’ll be in SM North Edsa on May 14, 2009, that is tomorrow at 4 pm.

For all those who want to see David Cook tomorrow is your chance.

See you there!



Yes! It’s true! They are finally here!


David Cook arrived at around 1 pm coming from US while David Archuleta followed at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon from UK.

They’ll be staying at Edsa Shangri-la. I’m just near there, maybe I can get a glimpse of them if I stayed there overnight right? Hahaha! 🙂

I’ve been denying and ignoring the fact that the David’s are already here but I can’t fight this anymore. The main reason why I’m paying no attention to their presence here is because I don’t want to get to excited and I’m really trying to fight my feelings to watch their concert. Ever since the month of May had started, I’ve already accepted the fact that I will have to let pass the opportunity to watch them live in a concert. Why? Because the ticket prices are way too expensive and sadly, I can’t afford it. Poor little me. It really sucks to be this poor. Huhuhu… 😦

But their arrival here in Manila makes me realize things. One, I’ve always wanted to see them perform here and now the time has come. Two, they had been part of my life. Their season in American Idol is the first I’ve really supported and watched until the end. I used to cheer for these 2 guys during American Idol 7. And I simply can’t let this passed me by.

So, no matter what happens, even if I lose all my wealth hahaha, I’ll be watching their concert this Saturday.

This is sad news. David Cook’s older brother, Adam, died after a long battle with brain cancer.

“I actually lost my brother yesterday to a brain tumor,” he told the crowd, choking up over his words, “and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now.”

David made the announcement of his brother’s death at the 12th Annual Race for Hope 5K run/walk in Washington, D.C., which benefited finding a cure for brain cancer. He served as the event’s honorary chairman.

David Cook’s brother, Adam, 37, had battled the disease throughout his American Idol competition. He had the chance to see his younger sibling perform in April 2008 on the famous stage. He watched David perform Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby. At the time, Adam was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

To David Cook’s family, I pray that you find strength and love in times like this. It’s one of those moments in our lives that we have to be very strong and face this challenge. I wish you good luck and for strength to move on. I will be praying for Adam.

For more information about the charity, log on to www.curebraintumors.org


Here’s the result for American Idol Season 8 – March 26, 2009:


Megan Joy is in the BOTTOM 3!megan-joy


Allison Iraheta is in the BOTTOM 3!



Anoop Desai is in the BOTTOM 3!



 Allison Iraheta is SAFE!

Anoop Desai is SAFE!

Megan Joy is ELIMINATED!

Barbie look-a-like is gone. I will not be able to see her dance steps again. Actually, I’m glad I won’t see it! hahaha! 🙂

What I like about this night is that DAVID COOK is here! Yes! He’ll be performing one of his songs, Come Back to Me! And not only that! He also gets platinum award for his debut album. Isn’t that a sweet treat? So, so love it!


david cook“The efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn,” says David Cook in his My Space Celebrity blog.

He said that while he enjoys being accessible to fans, he still have the benefit of the little privacy he can have. He also said that the relationship only works when it remains healthy for both parties and should all the haggling and invading continues, the only thing he can do is to take more preventative measures to maintain his privacy, which in turn will make him less accessible to his fans.

David Cook concludes: “I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh. I merely want to nip this in the bud so we can continue to have a great experience with all of you at the shows we have coming up.”

In a phone interview on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show, David explained that he wasn’t trying to come off as unappreciative; rather, he was genuinely concerned for his safety and privacy.

“We try to do more than just go onstage and play the shows, and there were some things going on that just really threatened the sanctity of that for me,” David said.

There. The issue had been cleared. Let’s respect his request. Give him the space he needs. He still deserves it. Go David Cook!


Source: People.com and Ryan Seacrest.com


Is this really true? I can’t believe it! I think I’m about to lose my mind. Wait, wait, I need to calm down or else I will not be able to witness this once in a lifetime event.

Yes! Finally! The one that I have always dreamed of will come true. It’s all set. David Cook will be here in Manila on May 16! Yippee!!! Together with his greatest competitor, Hahaha…David Archuleta! Isn’t that great?! A back-to-back concert of the hotties from American Idol Season 7?! Just wonderful! Really a dream come true! 🙂

I can’t wait to watch the concert. Frantic about the event, I already searched where I can reserve tickets. But unfortunately, as of 1:59 PM, Manila time, there’s no announcement yet how much and where are they going sell the concert tickets. I’m so dying to know! 🙂


Wah! I am just so excited! David Cook, I’ll be waiting for you! 🙂



While browsing through the gossip section earlier, my eye caught this interesting headline:

David Cook BREAKS UP with Kimberly Caldwell!

WOW! Isn’t that great?!
HAHAHA! Just kidding!

They seem to be a good looking couple but then ‘it’s hollywood’, you really can’t expect a relationship like that to last.

BTW, since we’re already talking about David Cook here, let me just commend him for a great album! (hahaha..para lang akong producer nya db?) I’ve listened to his songs and so far I like Avalanche. I’m hoping he’ll make it big in the industry with more chart topping songs!

And one more thing, I’m still waiting for the announcement of his “concert” here in Manila. There were tittle-tattle before that he will have his concert here by January 27. I actually am waiting for the venue, time and ticket prices announcement but until now, we’re already in the midway of January, still no further announcement. And you know what I am feeling betrayed, as in. They shouldn’t make David Cook’s fans, like me, believe in that “concert”. It’s kinda irritating kasi eh! (hahaha…arte noh?)

But don’t worry DC (Yes! May sarili pa daw akong nickname sa kanya db?! Hahaha…), whatever happens I’ll always be your fan. For the meantime, I’ll be contented day dreaming ’till we finally meet…(Hahaha…Ambisyosa! )