Have you ever been so busog that it completely makes you feel dizzy?

Well, this is what Karissa and I had experienced yesterday at Coffee Bean in Greenbelt.

Grabe, as in.

Let me just show what we did eat for better understanding.


chocolates, chocolates and chocolates!


Karissa's warm, but not that warm, choccolate cake


Mine: Chocolate Fudge Cake! Yey!


Until now, I’m still so umay. Ayoko na muna ng chocolates. Sa Monday na lang ulit hahaha!  🙂

BTW, photos are courtesy of Karissa. I’ll be uploading my own pics soon.


Last Friday, we went to Charlie’s Grind and Grill and finally decided to try their famous burger. Yehey!

We arrived there at around 6:30pm. It’s raining hard, bad trip nga eh! Buti na lang wala masyadong tao at hindi kami nakita na mga basang sisiw. Hehehe… 🙂

Sarap ng food but I wasn’t able to eat well. Pano ba naman? Kasi kasalanan ko naman noh? I admit it! Okay. I forgot to clear things with Sherwyn. Ayun tuloy, naghintay sya ng almost 2 hours sa Mini Stop. Kawawa naman. Bad ko kasi eh! Hehehe…:) Kaya ayun, nagtampo na sya ng tuluyan at hindi na pumunta sa Charlie’s to eat with us.  Pero we are ok na as of this writing. hahaha…:) Buti naman, hay!

This only proves na sobrang gutom kami when we arrived there and di na namin nakuhanan ng picture yung foods! Hahaha! Eto na yung mga natira. 🙂


My burger. I told you I really can't eat dahil sa kaba! Hahaha!


Mukha pa ba syang may laman? 🙂


Buti na lang at hindi pa ito nalalantakan! hulaan nyo kung kaninong mga kamay yun. Hahaha...:)


Di halatang stress ako db?


Ang mga busog. Bow.

At ang verdict namin sa Charlie’s: We will definitely go back. Sa thursday nga ulit eh hahaha…:)

It was Karla’s birthday yesterday and since she was absent (of course, she have to spend that with her family right?), we decided to give her the cake today. Yvette and i went to Red Ribbon to get the cake and as the group decided , hmm…actually it was only me and Karissa who decided for the cake flavor…hahaha…:), we got the new flavor they have, the S’mores Chocolate Cake! It’s Moist chocolate cake with layers of heavenly marshmallow and grahams. Topped with caramel and chocolate squares. Hmm…The description is so yummy! BTW, this is how it looks like:


As for my verdict, this cake rates 9 from 1 to 10, with 10 of course, being the highest. Wow! Now I really feel like an expert with food hahaha…:)

We were planning to surprise Karla but thanks to Jun, our cake slicer & DTI Representative, for announcing out loud:

Guys, may lighter na kayo? ” (while waving the lighter he have in hand)

Talk about Party spoilers! 🙂



There’s a new trend in town. And I gotta try it. Everybody is going crazy over HK Noodles! And here you can see us, especially Karla and I, literally going crazy! hahaha…:)




It was the first time that the team got the chance to eat HK noodles together and it’s a first for me as well. So, I didn’t know what to expect. To tell the truth, I didn’t like the taste of it. Maybe because it have bean sprouts (which by the way, I don’t eat). So there. Good thing, I was feeling greedy at that time that I also bought lobster and crab balls. I enjoyed the lobster ball because it taste good. Thank heavens, my day is saved!


Here’s the pic of my team. An all girl group. GIRL POWER!