Team Activities

Last Friday, we went to Charlie’s Grind and Grill and finally decided to try their famous burger. Yehey!

We arrived there at around 6:30pm. It’s raining hard, bad trip nga eh! Buti na lang wala masyadong tao at hindi kami nakita na mga basang sisiw. Hehehe… 🙂

Sarap ng food but I wasn’t able to eat well. Pano ba naman? Kasi kasalanan ko naman noh? I admit it! Okay. I forgot to clear things with Sherwyn. Ayun tuloy, naghintay sya ng almost 2 hours sa Mini Stop. Kawawa naman. Bad ko kasi eh! Hehehe…:) Kaya ayun, nagtampo na sya ng tuluyan at hindi na pumunta sa Charlie’s to eat with us.  Pero we are ok na as of this writing. hahaha…:) Buti naman, hay!

This only proves na sobrang gutom kami when we arrived there and di na namin nakuhanan ng picture yung foods! Hahaha! Eto na yung mga natira. 🙂


My burger. I told you I really can't eat dahil sa kaba! Hahaha!


Mukha pa ba syang may laman? 🙂


Buti na lang at hindi pa ito nalalantakan! hulaan nyo kung kaninong mga kamay yun. Hahaha...:)


Di halatang stress ako db?


Ang mga busog. Bow.

At ang verdict namin sa Charlie’s: We will definitely go back. Sa thursday nga ulit eh hahaha…:)


May and Karissa is on leave today. So that just leaves me, Che, Karla, Vyn, Yvette, and Lian in the office. We were all so bored and sad when we decided to entertain ourselves.


Che: Bili tayo ng rootbeer float sa 9th.

Karla: Sige. Bili tayo. Teka tanong ko lang kung nagde-deliver sila.


Karla (talking to ate on 9th): Ate, may rootbeer float po ba kayo?

Ate: Oo meron po.

Karla: E pwede po bang coke yung rootbeer float? (sabay tawa)

Ate: Wala kaming coke e. Pepsi lang.

Karla: E pwede po bang pepsi yun? (sabay tawa ulit)

Ate: Oo naman.

Karla: Sige ate. Pa-deliver po ng 3 rootbeer float at 1 pepsi float.


After ng ilang minutes, dumating na ang much-awaited rootbeer float. Tapos biglang may dumating na isang malaking sorpresa. Alam nyo ba kung ano yun? Well, isang roll ng cake galling kay Yuan, uuuuyyyy Lian! 🙂


Eto ang ginagawa ng mga taong nabo-bored Hahaha! 🙂



This is what we do when we are bored…hahaha 🙂


Sayang! Wala si May at si Karissa! 🙂


BTW, thanks to  Joel for the pictures. 🙂


Yesterday, APDM had launched a blog that would help women all over the world, create awareness on how to weight loss the healthy way. It is compose of different journals that cite diet and exercise programs suit for different people.


Yes, nice introduction! Hahaha… 🙂

Girls and guys, visit nyo site namin ng mga ka-team and friends ko. I’m sure madami kayong matutunan, promise! All of us, namely, May, Karla, Che, Karissa, Venus, Yvette, Lian and me, will be posting our food journals for the day. Actually, it’s an activity to help us lose weight and be healthy. The judgment day will be on May 1, during our team building in Bangkok…ay, Bolinao pala Hahaha… 🙂

This site would be very helpful for people who seriously wants to shed some fat and for those who would like a laugh once in a while. 🙂

Here’s the link to the site:

APDM Journal

Enjoy! 🙂

It’s been a long weekend! We’ve been so busy preparing for our long awaited team building in 8 Waves Waterpark Resort that we didn’t realized the week flew so swiftly.


Our team decided to wear masks for our costume. So we are like attending a masquerade ball of our own ha-ha! And the pictures are so adorable! You must see it! 🙂 BTW, the pictures are provided by Karla’s boyfriend, our team’s official photographer. Thanks Pao!


preparation-time Preparation time
After eating dinner and waiting for the program to start
With the one of the Greek Goddess 🙂
Photo Op with the bosses
Our masks against their masks ha-ha!
Team pic w/o Maymay. Sorry May! 🙂
The team’s wacky pic with Jenna
We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have picture together of course!
In the wave pool
Fighting the falls in the Safari Pool
Stealin’ the moment ha-ha!
Enjoying the slide ha-ha! 🙂
C’mon! Laugh your heart out! 🙂 
WOW! Whenever I see these pictures, i just can’t help but feel proud! ha-ha!
‘Till next blog! 🙂


Food. That is definitely what my team loves. We all love to eat. Period.

Here, we went to Buddy’s for their famous pansit lucban, lumpiang ubod , puto and budin (their cassava cake). It was my first time to eat there so I really didn’t know what to expect. But i wasn’t disappointed. The food is great, as in superb. I specially love budin. It really taste so good that I even bought 2 more at home.


Whenever we go out to eat, we make it a point to have fun. And the picture on the side proves it. hahaha…:) I hope May won’t kill me for posting this pic here…(i’m sorry May :))

I so love this group! We can have fun even if we only have each other…huhuhu…:(

okay! I’m starting to be sentimental now, I better stop or I regret it hahaha…:)

More eating moments for us! 🙂