Finally, the pictures are here! 🙂

I will post more pics in the coming days.

Picture time!

Umpisahan na ang kalokohan

Sabi sa inyo simula na e!

o eto pa!

Last na ito...for now! hahaha!


This post is 2 days late. Well actually, it was intentional. I don’t actually want the whole world to know about it because it’s a special day for us and we want to celebrate alone.

But for this blog’s sake, I am going to reveal it.

Last November 9 is our 8th anniversary!

And as a part of our celebration, we went to Doña Jovita Garden Resort in Calamba, Laguna for a terrific weekend. And guess what? We really had a blast!

I will be posting pictures when I got the time to upload them. Kinda busy slouching and sleeping the past few days hahaha! 🙂

Now, my message for Him:

Love, you already how much I love you and it will never, ever change. I am so lucky to have you in my life and thank you so much for always being there for me. I am grateful for being so understanding and supportive. And also for criticizing and telling me your opinions about certain things that always confused the hell out of me, like choosing the color of the shirt I will buy, if it’s timely to buy a gadget now and even for the personal matters. What we share is not just a simple boyfriend-girlfriend relationship; it’s a friendship that I know I will forever treasure. You may often hear this but I can’t find any other words that could mean this much. So, once again, I love you.