It was Karla’s birthday yesterday and since she was absent (of course, she have to spend that with her family right?), we decided to give her the cake today. Yvette and i went to Red Ribbon to get the cake and as the group decided , hmm…actually it was only me and Karissa who decided for the cake flavor…hahaha…:), we got the new flavor they have, the S’mores Chocolate Cake! It’s Moist chocolate cake with layers of heavenly marshmallow and grahams. Topped with caramel and chocolate squares. Hmm…The description is so yummy! BTW, this is how it looks like:


As for my verdict, this cake rates 9 from 1 to 10, with 10 of course, being the highest. Wow! Now I really feel like an expert with food hahaha…:)

We were planning to surprise Karla but thanks to Jun, our cake slicer & DTI Representative, for announcing out loud:

Guys, may lighter na kayo? ” (while waving the lighter he have in hand)

Talk about Party spoilers! 🙂